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Cattery Terms and Conditions

The Basics/Owner’s Obligations

Before booking, please ensure you have:

  • A Current Vaccination Certificate or Vet Book.
  • Treated your cat for fleas and worms 2 weeks prior to their visit.
  • Please also refer to our Policies tab for detailed information on our Website Terms and Conditins, Sales Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy.

Fees and Charges(All prices are GST inclusive):

*Discounts for multiple cats or long term stays are not available during peak season (1 December to 31 January)


​One or Two Cats - $10 per night

Multiple Cats (3 or more) will receive a 5% discount on Standard Fee


*Stays of 30 days or more will receive a 5% discount on standard fee

OTHER CHARGES (If required):

Flea Treatment - $15

Worm Treatment - $15

Cat requiring medication - Standard Fee + $4 per day

Boarding fees are charged per night.

All fees are GST inclusive and must be paid in full on departure.

Other payment arrangements will apply in the case of long-term stays.

Payments must be made by cash, cheque or internet banking as we do not have EFTPOS facilities yet.

Due to the demand for accommodation during holiday periods we reserve the right to charge you for the full period booked, should you collect your cat prior to the arranged date.

I must pay for any boarding when I pick up, or before I pick up, my cat or cats.

Cattery Hours

We are open weekdays. Weekends by appointment only.

You may deliver or collect your cat between 8.00am & 10.00am or between 3.30pm and 5.30pm on weekdays without an appointment.

We are closed to the public before 8:00am, after 5.30pm and all Public Holidays.

Owners may drop off or pick up if arranged in advance.


All cats must be inoculated for cat flu and feline enteritis

A current veterinary certificate must be produced on arrival

We reserve the right to refuse any cat that, in our opinion, appears to be suffering from any infectious or contagious disease.

All cats must be regularly treated for worms and fleas, and preferably treated two weeks before coming to the cattery.

We reserve the right to check and treat your cat for fleas and worms to prevent an infestation in the cattery.

The owner shall be responsible for all costs incurred.

We reserve the right to refer cats for veterinary attention should this, in our opinion, be necessary.

The owner shall be responsible for all costs incurred.

If your cat has a history of aggression, we reserve the right to refuse entry.


All possible care and attention are given to every cat in our care.

Responsibility can only be accepted at the owner’s risk.

The proprietors do not accept liability for illness, disease or accident.

Authority must be given to release your cat to another person.

These terms and conditions are in place for the protection of your cat.

You will be liable for any medical care, expenses and damages from injuries caused by my cat.

Under no circumstances will Paws & Claws Retreat be liable for consequential damages or damages beyond the replacement value of your cat.

If any medical problems develop while your cat is in the care of Paws & Claws Retreat, you will authorise Paws & Claws Retreat to take whatever action they deem necessary for the health, safety and well being of your cat, and agree to assume full financial responsibility for any and all expenses incurred.