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Kennel Facilities

We are currently upgrading our facilities. We are willing to discuss your requirements to ensure we can accommodate your dogs and their needs. Feel free to call or email and ask us about our services.  

We offer you the opportunity to leave your dog in a place where they will be well looked after. We have indoor rooms with raised beds for sleeping and time out and large outdoor runs. All of our indoor rooms are spacious, and comfortable. They were designed with the well-being of your dog in mind. We cater for well behaved dogs who are well socialised and easy to handle. That includes playful and excitable dogs who can get a little carried away. We know dogs love exercise and we ensure they get outside to play as much as possible in one of our large outdoor runs. All of our guests get a lot of attention and are well supervised. Sasha our Border Collie is our Kennel manager and will show others the lay of the land.

We are in a rural setting, and are better suited to large dogs that are well socialised and friendly.

However we also have a large kennel and run on the house. When we are able we will also run smaller dogs as part of our family unit in our spacious backyard with access to indoors. This is offered to dogs who do not have a strong prey drive as we have chooks and our own cats who share this space with our Maremma Sheepdogs.