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Cattery & Kennel Pet Boarding Prices

Standard Prices


Small Dogs

Medium Dogs

Large Dogs

Extra Large Dogs








Please note:

All charges are per night and inclusive of food excluding special diets. Cats are fed Royal Canin.

First time clients are required to pay on or before drop off. An invoice will be generated via Doggie Dashboard.

10% discount for long-term stays of 21 days or more

Also Refer to Other Charges at the bottom of this page to ensure you are aware of any costs you might incur

Please see our Cattery Facilities and Cattery T's & C's pages for more information about our service, set up, facilities and requirements

Other Charges (if applicable):

Medication charges (if your pet requires medication while in our care)

Dogs $10/day

Cats $8/day

Statutory Holiday Surcharge

Dogs $10

Cats $8

Out Of Hours Drop Offs and Pick Ups

Arranged in advance $10

Without arrangement $25

On Statutory Holiday Arranged in Advance $25

On Statutory Holidays without prior arrangement $75

Flea or Worm Treatment (Cost dependant on size)

Minimum of $25 for cats and small dogs

Maximum of $75 for an extra large dog

This is necessary because they should be treated prior to arrival and we will also need to quarantine your pet if they do have fleas or worms.